Joe Boxer 

What's up with pot?

Ok, so i like met this guy on the street and he was smoking pot so i grabed him by the neck and threw the stupid killer stick in the grass and yelled, "What's wrong with you man?! That thing will send you to an early grave!" I then threw him in anger, forgetting that we were on a street when this car came by and well, bye mr. pot smoker. Not like he wasn't gonna die by the cigerett anyway. As I was walking away, i smelled this sweet smell. Man it was good. Following my nose, i came to the grass where i threw the killer stick. Uh oh i thought, this can't be good. The like whole place was on fire! Man i'd better get out'o here 'for the cops come, was my thought, so i like scram! (What? It wasn't my fault, duh) Needless to say, my life has been a mess ever scince. Dude....i hate pot

Tim, Harry, Pete and Loyd

What's with you people?

Thank you

Ab igt hanky out oa ll - or should i say, a big thank you to all who have helped me set this blog up. If you hadn't done it, i would have never known.


who am i? first it started as just a name but now everyone wants to know who i am. well, i'm not going to tell you! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! If you are really desperate than i might post some hints. what do you think?

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